WildStar Beta Keys Giveaway Updated

Just thought I'd make a short video talking a bit about the updates for WildStar in the past few days, since it's looking pretty good so far, and also giving away  WildStar keys. That's right, not something I do too often, giveaways, but there you go!

To be in with a get one of these Product keys all you have to do is:
— share on facebook
— Post a comment in the comments 
— Like this page

The last two are optional, but I love you 100 times more if you do it, much love.

1WildStar beta keys Giveaway

Latest Updated:
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Note: Hey, So many people want to get free a key, sometime it's a bot or they try get many times
So, you have to complete a survey to verify you are not a bot(NO spam)

You can find more info about the game here: